How to Collect a Urine Sample From Your Dog

A urinalysis allows us to examine the health of your dog’s urinary tract and kidneys. Sometimes, we may not discover that there is an issue until we perform a microscopic exam of your pet’s urine. A urinalysis may also detect kidney problems sooner than a blood test.  However, if Dr. D. or Dr. J. recommends a urinalysis during your visit with us it may not always be possible to collect a sample that day – sometimes dogs are too nervous to urinate at our hospital or they may not need to go.  You may also know ahead a time you want your dog’s urine checked as he/she isn’t urinating normally (there’s blood, pain, etc) and need to know how to collect a sample to bring with you. Fortunately, collecting a urine sample at home from your dog is an easy process:

  • Before taking your dog outside to urinate, select a container you feel comfortable using to catch your pet’s urine in mid-stream. We recommend a clean, disposable plastic container or the sterile container we have provided for you (try not to touch the inside of the container).
  • Once your pet begins to urinate, hold your selected container mid-stream. The minimum amount we need to process your pet’s urine is a tablespoon; however, if you can collect more, that is helpful.
  • If collecting in a separate container, promptly place the urine in the sterile cup that was sent home with you. If you are not able to deliver the urine to us within one hour (maximum two), place the urine in your refrigerator (do not freeze).
  • Deliver the urine to our hospital within 24 hours. Keep the urine in the refrigerator until you are on your way to the hospital.
  • We will contact you in one to two business days with the results.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call us during our business hours at 919-267-9315 or email

Have you ever collected a urine sample from your dog?  Did you find it easy to do or hard?

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