Death by Chocolate

My last post revealed why chocolate is not a sweet treat for pets. And at the end, I asked if you were able to rank the types of chocolate from least to most deadly.

Here is the answer:

White Chocolate < Milk Chocolate < Dark Chocolate < Semi-sweet Chocolate < Baker’s Chocolate < Cocoa Beans < Dry Cocoa Powder

Just how far apart in toxicity is white chocolate to dry cocoa powder? Well, in a 25 lb dog it takes 575oz of white chocolate to be potentially fatal and only 0.8oz of dry cocoa powder!  And of course it takes far less chocolate then that to cause vomiting, diarrhea, etc (155oz of white chocolate in a 25lb dog and a mere 0.25oz of dry cocoa powder). This is why it’s always important if your pet should ingest chocolate to know the type and amount of chocolate eaten and to contact a veterinarian or pet poison hotline ASAP. Once you call, they can quickly calculate the risk knowing this information and your pet’s approximate weight, and then determine the appropriate therapy.  Remember, don’t wait until signs start to call, by then it may be too late!


How did you do ranking the chocolates in order of least to most deadly?



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