About Us

How We Came To Be 

Dr. Hilarie Jerauld and Dr. Emily Dorsett met the first day of veterinary school and have been good  friends ever since.  Despite working in different parts of North Carolina after graduation, they kept in close contact.  Drs. Jerauld and Dorsett even worked together at a rescue organization where they realized not only did they work well together, but they had similar practice philosophies.   From that initial observation, an idea developed to open a hospital together that reflected these philosophies, where patient and client care were the main focus.   Within a year, All 4 Paws Animal Hospital came to fruition.

  Our Purpose 

“We believe the joy of being loved by a pet elevates us.  We exist to bring them a level of care equal to how they care for us.”

If the lowest cost is the most important thing to you when choosing a vet, we are not the right hospital for you.  If you are looking for a clinic based on more than cost alone, then let us show you how we’re better!

Many clients switch to our hospital because they are tired of sitting in busy, noisy waiting rooms to see an unfamiliar vet who rushes in and out of the room to see as many pets in a day as possible.

We believe this traditional, high-volume model of veterinary care is not good enough. Helping a pet live their best life requires more time and thoughtful communication than can occur during a typical 15 minute appointment. We don’t just want to treat your pet’s problems; we want to empower you with education to prevent problems in the first place. We believe that a visit to the veterinarian should not be a stressful or traumatic event for you or your pet.

When you come to All 4 Paws, you will experience the value of our longer appointment times and care that is individual for your pet.

Our Core Values

Core Values are the guiding principles that determine how we operate.  We have established our hospital core values based on the principles that guide our every action and embody who we are as team.  They are as follows:

 We Rise By Lifting Others

Don’t Just Hear; Listen

Empower with Education

More Kisses, Less Hisses (Create Fun Every Day)

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